Electrical Design & Drawing Consultancy Services

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  1. Switchyard Elevation Drawing

    Electrical Layout-Elevation
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  2. Engineering Design Calculations

    Design calculations for Electrical systems of High voltage substations
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  3. Cable Schedule and Interconnection Diagrams

    Preparation of cable schedule and interconnection diagrams for MV power cables, LV power cables, Control cables, Instrumentation cables and SCADA cables for EHV Substations.
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  4. Lighting Layout of Indoor Substations

    Lighting layout drawing for Indoor substation
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  5. Equipment and Cable Trench layout Drawing of Indoor Substation

    Preparation of Indoor MV Substation layout drawing for 33kV, 22kV, 11kV, 6.6kV Indoor substations
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  6. Direct Stroke Lightning Protection (DSLP) Calculation

    Calculation for Lightning protection zone of coverage
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  7. 220kV Switchyard Layout Plan and Elevation Drawing

    Electrical layout plan and elevation of 220kV Switchyard
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  8. GIS Substation Layout Plan and Elevation Drawing

    GIS Substation layout plan and elevation
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  9. Electrical Single Line Diagram of substations

    Single Line Diagram of 400kV, 220kV, 132kV, 33kV Substations, MV power distribution systems
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  10. Electrical Design Calculations

    Electrical Design Calculations
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  11. 400kV Switchyard Layout Plan and Elevation Drawing

    Electrical layout plan and elevation drawing of 400kV Switchyard
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  12. 132kV Switchyard Layout Plan & Elevation Drawing

    Electrical layout plan and elevations of 132kV Switchyards
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  13. SCADA system Block Diagram & I-O List

    Supervisory control and data acquisition of Substation equipment
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