Electrical Detail engineering Service

Electrical Detail engineering Service
Service Description

We have the expertise in providing Detail Engineering and Construction drawings for Electrical Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution Substations (upto 400kV), Industrial indoor/outdoor Substations, Electrical Balance of Plant (EBOP) of Thermal Power Plants, complete electrical, controls & automation systems for Iron/Coal Handling Plants, Process Plants and Misc. Industrial Units in India and Abroad. We have long experience in working with various MNC EPC Companies for similar work, which has enriched our knowledge of value added optimized engineering practices. We provide these Detail Engineering and Construction drawings at attractive rates. Our range of products under this item code are as follows :

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Industrial Units in India as well as Abroad, we have rich experience in working with different MNC EPC Organizations for the related work. This has improved our knowledge of value-added engineering activities.Calculations of civil constructional drawing and design for Transformer foundations, outdoor cable trenches, boundary wall, road, drain, septic tank, pump house, common oil collection pit and security post.Calculations of civil constructional design and drawings of equipment foundations, switch yard tower, indoor substations and control buildings.Structural fabrication drawing of gantry towers, equipment support structures and beams.

1. Protection and metering SLDs.
2. Control schematics & protection schematics.
3. Equipment layout plan and elevation drawings.
4. Cable tray and trench layout, BOQ.
5. Earthing calculation, layout, details and BOQ.
6. Lighting calculation, layout, SLD and BOQ.
7. Lightning protection calculation, layout and BOQ.
8. Cable schedule and interconnection diagrams.

9. Power cable voltage drop calculation and cable estimate.
10. Relay setting charts.
11. Civil constructional drawings and design calculations of Switch yard tower and equipment foundations, control buildings and indoor substations.
12. Civil constructional drawing and design calculations for Transformer foundations, outdoor cable trenches, drain, boundary wall, road, septic tank, common oil collection pit, pump house and Security Post.
12. Structural fabrication drawings of gantry towers, beams and equipment support structures.
13. Outdoor cable bridges.
14. Block diagram for Substation Automation system (SAS).
15. Fiber optic cable schedule and interconnection diagram for SAS. 
16. Block diagram for Power Line Carrier Communication (PLCC).
17. Cable schedule and interconnection diagram for PLCC.
18. PLC logic diagram for Material handling plants.
19. PLC & HMI block diagram for Material handling plants.

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